Better availability

True to the motto, “There is always room for improvement”, we are working on making it even easier for you to reach us.

To achieve this, we have arranged for assistance from outside of the company. In addition to your usual company representative, you may have already spoken with one of our friendly new colleagues. You can simply leave a call-back request with them, or you can have them pass on a specific question or general information as to why you are calling. Your messages will be given to your representative directly and immediately so that he or she can return your call.

Give us a call! There is no such thing as “unavailable” when you call ACC BEKU at +49 (6323) 94935-0.

We would appreciate receiving your feedback about this service (, or let us know if you have further requests or suggestions about how we can make it even easier for you to reach us.

Start-up of the Hassloch site

The outfitting of the Hassloch site with all the necessary aggregates is currently in the final stages, regulatory and technical approval is being sought and the machines are being started-up.

This means that we are optimally prepared to start two-shift operations if needed, and are thus able to offer our customers and interested parties even faster service – which is something that all our colleagues at ACC BEKU GmbH can agree on.


Implementation a new ERP system

Decided in 2016 for 2017, we have started with the implementation of our new ERP system “Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2017”. The system is expected to “go live” during the first quarter of 2018. This fully integrated enterprise resource planning system provides us with the necessary framework for the digitalisation of our company.

We have just completed the first analysis and key user workshops and are very excited about the new possibilities that this system will offer us – for the benefit of our customers.

Should your company work with this system, Ms Julia Unna (++49 (0)6323 94 93 520 or would very much like to hear about your experiences or any tips you may have for us concerning the implementation process.

Ticker of the fire that broke out at 5:45 a.m. on 08.02.2017

Today, it is exactly three months to the day that the fire broke out.

During the month of April, we took many small and larger steps towards setting up and expanding capacities in Hassloch as well as continuing the demolition and clean-up work in Edenkoben. It is therefore becoming more and more rare to find ourselves in a “state of emergency” and work processes have gone back to being routine.

After taking a short breather over Easter, we have now shifted all of our focus to the future – and to the question of how we are going to rebuild our plant.

We consider this to be the perfect moment to officially conclude the ticker on the fire. From now on, we will go back to reporting any progress and news on our News page.

Thank you for your interest and it would be great if you would continue to check our News page to find out the latest news from our company.

Your team at ACC BEKU GmbH

To the ticker

European Coatings Show in Nuremberg 2017

As the world’s leading exhibition for the coatings and paint industry the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, Germany, is the place to be from 4 to 6 April 2017. ACC BEKU joins the ECS as an exhibitor and would very much like to welcome you there. You find our booth in hall 4A, 519. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Inter-company soccer cup of Rhineland-Palatinate on 17 February 2017

Just a few days after the big fire at our Edenkoben site we showed everyone that, in our company, we have got the chemistry right.

We entered the soccer tournament in Mainz with a small team to represent our company at the inter-company soccer cup of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Investing a lot of sweat and ambition and having lots of fun, our team came 14th.

Edenkoben, 8. February 2017

This morning there was an explosion with subsequent fire of our production site in Edenkoben. All staff on site reacted according to the official contigency plan. We are very happy that there are no personal casualties to report. The fire is now under control and has been extinguisted.

Our second site in Hassloch was not affected and production is going according to plan.

in – adhesives: Symposium on Innovations in Adhesives and their Applications

On 14th and 15th February 2017 the „Symposium on Innovations in Adhesives and their Applications“ will take place in Munich.

ACC BEKU GmbH will give a presentation on the subject of „Flexible packaging as a packaging and application option for the adhesive industry“.

Mrs. Kunz gave this presentation also during the FEICA 2016 conference. Interested? Then have a look here:

Successful integration

Since April 2016 ACC BEKU Gmbh has been helping Mr Mohamed-Kabir Afzali, who is originally from Afghanistan, to become a fully integrated member of its workforce at its production site in Hassloch/Germany. On 28 November 2016, Heidrun Schulz, Head of the Regional Division the German Federal Employment Agency [Agentur für Arbeit] in Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland, her deputy Ulrike Mohrs and Christiane Groß-Herick, Chairperson of the Board of the Agency in Landau, paid a visit to the factory to convince themselves of the successful integration.

For further information, see the article featured in the local Rheinpfalz newspaper of 6 December 2016.


Fire brigade exercise

On 12 November 2016 more than 70 fire and rescue staff practised their response to a serious incident at the works in Edenkoben.

The simulation exercise showed how small chain reactions triggered by a series of unfortunate events led to the discharge of considerable quantities of hazardous substances in the wake of which several injured people had to be rescued.

It was impressive to observe how the various fire-fighting services and hazardous area response teams worked together. The exercise, which lasted around three hours, was brought to a successful end by lunch time.

We wish to express our thanks to everyone involved for the smooth running of the exercise. The findings gained are going to be a valuable addition to our hazard prevention program.

10. Bondexpo – international fair for sealants and adhesives

From 10th to the 13th of October the 10. Bondexpo – international fair for sealants and adhesives will open its doors in Stuttgart.

Please come and visit us there: Hallo 9 - Stand 9410 We´re looking forward to your visit!


Label Design moving to Edenkoben

Not only the summer but also our Phase II are in the final stages.

With the completion of the construction work, label design, layout and printing are moving to Edenkoben into the new premises. With change of location, we can react considerably faster to requirements on labeling. Labeling and production merge into one process.

European Adhesive & Sealant Conference & EXPO 2016

From 7th to the 9th of September the European Adhesive & Sealant Conference & EXPO 2016 will open its doors in Vienna.

ACC BEKU joins the FEICA as an exhibitor and would very much like to welcome you there.

Succesfull recertification according to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard

Already last summer we intensively looked at what the new release of the ISO 9001 norm actually meant. At that time we were not sure at all whether we would be ready to be recertified in spring 2016 according to this new standard. In February 2016 we had a preparatory meeting with the certification office. Together the decision was taken that – with some intense preparation – we should actually be ready for this challenge. So the intense preparation started right away. The new “High-Level-Structure” enabled a good overview of the novelties, for example the actions to address risks and opportunities, understanding the organization and its context as well as the needs and expectations of interested parties or knowledge management. What made us particularly happy was the fact that the process orientated way of looking at the organization was further emphasized, since we were very well prepared here.

The actual audit was on 18th & 19th of May and we passed with “flying colors” without any nonconformities.

School classes visit our site in Edenkoben

On 20 May and 3 June 2016, students from the Kurfürst-Ruprecht-Gymnasium (Grammar School) in Neustadt/Weinstrasse were able to take a look behind the scenes at our company.

Both Grade 10 classes were able to gain an impression of our daily business – an important part of the school curriculum in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Divided into groups, the students explored the lab and the production hall as well as the internal IT department. Many questions were asked revealing the students' high level of interest in our company, its processes and training opportunities. The members of staff at ACC BEKU GmbH were pleased to answer these questions.

The overall feedback at the end of the company tour was positive, not only from the students but also from the employees at ACC BEKU GmbH.

Start of “Phase II” at our Edenkoben plant

The excavation works for “Phase II” of our production plant began as scheduled at the end of 2015; the planned completion is in Q IV- 2016.

The good news : all current production processes are not affected by this construction project, meaning that we will continue to work to the usual extent for all our clients . 

You can follow the progress of our building project by regularly visiting the homepage, or … by coming and visiting us !

ACC BEKU at Bondexpo in Stuttgart

From 5th to the 8th of October the Bondexpo international fair for sealants and adhesives will open its doors in Stuttgart.

Please come and visit us there: Hallo 9 - Stand 9409 We´re looking forward to your visit!

Under construction

Before we will start our expansion in Edenkoben, we completely modernize our site in Haßloch. This incudes a new roof, an insulation of the outer face as well as a complete renovation of the interiors. We have started in March and plan to finish End of June 2015. Up to now, we are on schedule – also regarding costs.

During the construction works we still guarentee all agreements as normal, for we have outsourced our ongoing concerns in an extra hall just across the street.

News from the European Coastings Show 2015

What an exciting first day!

Many familiar faces and also new aquaintances.

The scope of the program is inspirational. This explains why the ECS is considered the leading trade show for the paint industry. 

We are looking forward to another stimulating day tomorrow.

ACC member of „Verband der deutschen Lack- und Druckfarbenindustrie“

We will start 2015 with a novelty and become member of „Verband der deutschen Lack- und Druckfarbenindustrie“, the German coatings and ink industry association. This association coordinates the concerns and supports the interests of the coatings and ink industry and shows their flag on the national and international stage. What is the benefit for you as our customer? By getting trends, developments and legal changes early and more condensed, we will be able to react on your concerns even quicker.

Our main competitor is the customer himself

Contract production and filling are the main pillars of ACC BEKU Ltd. In future, we would like to expand in exactly these fields and develop new offers. Read more about how our managing directors Sabrina and Matthias Kunz describe our future strategy in the October issue of FARBE UND LACK (published by Vincentz Network).

Read more

Students help to decide

Innovation somehow different: This summer, we asked students for their support to introduce a new product line. They helped us to decide whether it is efficient to set up a filling and packaging line for a new product.

Tosca Braun, Michael Vtechin, Gülsah Zeytin and Serkan Uzun brought in their enthusiasm and motivation and spent three weeks of their summer holidays to find answers to the questions: Which line set up is most efficient? What is the ideal composition of a team? How can they avoid getting in each other’s way? Where are future optimization potentials? Our experienced colleagues stood to their sides and helped in theory and hands on: the five of them filled and packaged almost 100,000 units!

The overall conclusion: a highly instructive cooperation and a great benefit for all. Thanks a lot!

Climbing like Tarzan

To be successful in a team: that’s the motto of our performance – outbound as well as inbound. For that purpose we got our entire staff together for a real outdoor adventure: the climbing park at Kandel. The weather was great so that there stood nothing between us and the adventure of a 250 meter long rope slide, a climbing route up to 22 meters high, the surf board, downhill ski route and much more.

Some of us really had to overcome their boundaries and fears to manage the various passages of the tour. But they all felt encouraged by their colleagues and finally mastered the challenges together. What a great feeling to jointly thrive and achieve!

Further construction phase successfully completed

Now it is official: The roofing of our loading area has overcome all legal hurdles. In future, all loading, unloading and repackaging from or to tank wagons can be done in a dry place, regardless the weather conditions. This is not only essential for the repackaging of sensible products, but timelines can also be met even better. A big benefit for our customers, forwarding partners and last, but not least for our staff.

Braving the weather

Winter 2012/13 broke all records recording rain- and snowfall as well as temperature drops. This encouraged our decision to roof our cargo area to no longer be dependent on weather conditions during embarking. As the picture shows, we have instantly put our plan into practice.

Image right: Work in progress: We roof our cargo area.

European Coatings Show 2013 – we are exhibiting!

Just like two years ago we shall be exhibiting again at the European Coatings from March, 19 – 21, 2013 in Nuremberg. We are very much looking forward to seeing you at our stand to exchange news and ideas, present new developments in our company and discuss possibilities to work together. You require an entrance ticket? Please feel free to contact us: See you in Nuremberg!

Image right: Deep in conversation during the ECS 2011

It’s Christmas time

Dear business partner,
this Christmas, we came up with something very special for you. Looking for a present that shares the Christmas thought to as many people as possible we have discovered a special edition of „Ludo“ – hand-made by our local workshop of the handicapped. Just join our raffle and win this traditional game. Simply send us an email to with reference to „Ludo“. We are looking forward to your participation.

We wish you and your family merry Christmas and are looking forward to an exciting new year – personally as well as in business. In this spirit:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Your team of ACC BEKU GmbH

Image right: Mr. Lucas Reiter, our apprentice for industrial management, is looking forward to receiving many replies.

More power in production

Our lastest launch: the new dissolver, a major support in our production. High-viscous products of volumes up to 1,000 kg can now be dispersed very effectively. That makes the production of paint removing pastes or nitro cellulose solutions quicker and more effective. Accompanied by a time advantage that helps all.

Image left, from left to right: Daniel Wolf, laboratory, Sergej Vtechin and Michael Strohbeck, production, check if the powdery raw materials dissolve completely.


Friday afternoon: we log off our PC and are off for the weekend. Monday morning: we log in, everything “as usual”, but somehow the IT seems to be quicker and steadier – kudos to the IT department. Nobody has noticed something, the night shift was worthwhile!
The IT department explains: “Several virtual server share one physical server by using virtualization. That sustainably increases the availability and the safety of the business processes. Mr Kusior, who is responsible for ACC BEKU’s IT, and Mr Lohr and Mr Jost from our IT partner Schneider & Wulf give details:

Comment: Mr. Kusior (German) | Comments: Mr. Lohr, Mr. Jost, Schneider & Wulf (German)

Fire drill on our premises

On August 25th, we had a fire drill with the brigade of Edenkoben and the regional hazmat unit on our premises. Four employees acted as “victims” who needed to be rescued – luckily successfully! More than 80 participants of the training and the following Bavarian breakfast agreed: Everything was excellent. We plan to this training every two years now.


Jonathan Schweizer has successfully passed his final examination and now finished his internship. Congratulations! As we believe in the education of our own staff, we have already given Mr Schweizer his working contract. We look forward to his future contribution in the administration/logistics departement.

As of September 1st, we are looking forward to welcoming Lucas Reiter, who starts his internship as industrial sales representative. Daniel Wolf will start his third and last year of internship.

MLP team marathon – We were part o fit!

More than 11,000 athletes took part in this year’s MLP marathon in Mannheim, among them the five relay members of ACC BEKU: Mr. Degenhardt, Mr. Kusior, Mr. Schweizer, Mr. Odiase and Mrs. Kunz shared the 41,95 k in five sections between 5 and 13.5 k. We are very proud to count to the finishers and look forward to our next running event: BASF Firmencup in Hockenheim on June, 20th, 2012.

ACC BEKU exhibits on annual convention of „Handelsblatt“

On May 9th and 10th we will be exhibitor on the 13th annual convention of the „Handelsblatt“. The event takes place in Frankfurt’s Villa Kennedy and we kindly ask you to save the date. We are all looking forward to exciting presentations and enriching discussions of numerous guest speakers – all of them members of Board, GM, directors and chief executives or representatives of banks, universities, consulting companies or political bodies. If you also would like to join the convention, please let us know. When you point out to our company, you will get 20 percent discount on the admission fee. Read more on or contact us.

Film: Sabrina Kunz on the convention (German) 

Well done – 2nd auditing for continuous improvement successful!

Dr. Zabrocki from the German Association for Quality (DGQ) has held the second auditing for continuous improvement at ACC BEKU. Successfully! There were no variations. However, we got valuable hints to further improve our management systems according to DIN ISO 9001:2008. We will now start to put these into practice in order to gain the recertification in 2013.

Photo (ltr): Mrs Kunz, managing director and responsible for quality management, Dr. Zabrocki, auditor DGQ, and Mr Degenhardt, laboratory supervisor and head of quality management, after passing the auditing for continuous improvement

We proudly present our latest innovation: BRENNOFIX Radikal

Since the use of CKW in pickling agents was forbidden, industries are eagerly searching for alternatives. We are proud to have developed a non-label product which can even disconnect varnish with a lamination strength of more than 150µ from a glass surface within only 45 minutes! We have tested the product in-house by disconnecting a colour-intensive pigment paste – the result was extraordinary. Catch a glimpse of the tests in our video. You would like to test the product yourself?

BRENNOFIX Radikal Film 1 | BRENNOFIX Radikal Film 2

Visitors' vehicle

Our latest innovation: the new visitors' vehicle. It is still operated by electricity from the socket, but we are about to change it to DMFC-cell of our partner SFC AG.

Visitors' Vehicle Film 1 | Visitors' vehicle Film 2

Add. August 2012: Our visitors' vehicle has its DMFC-cell now and does no longer need power from the socket. Visit us to make the experience!


Annual stocktaking with iPads

We were well-prepared when we did our first stocktaking with iPads on December 19th, 2011. It was really wow! Data entry and additional effort to clear up the stock differences took us only half of the time. Our conclusion: a real success which has improved the data quality of our stock significantly. The next step will be to integrate the mobile entry into our daily work. We will keep you posted.

Our new website is up and running!

We are checking the feasibility of filling pigment powder.