Cooperation with BASF SE within the framework of the BASF Training Association


The BASF Training Association is an initiative of BASF SE, one of the worldwide largest chemical companies, whereby it is making a valuable contribution to taking its responsibility seriously in the local area.


The BASF Training Association sees itself as an initiative for the region. The goal is to give more young people the opportunity to get well-founded, comprehensive and practical training with the support of local partners such as the IHK (ICC) and HWK (Chamber of Handicrafts), job agencies, chemical associations and partner companies.

The specific implementation of this idea is a very successful distribution of tasks between BASF and the partner companies. For example, BASF looks after the recruitment and supervision of trainees and the coordination with vocational schools. Basic training also takes place in the central training centres of BASF SE. The partner company, on the other hand, provides training centres and its employees’ know-how.

The youngsters carry out the practical part of the training in their respective partner company – small and medium-sized businesses in the region such as ACC BEKU GmbH (Ltd). The defined goal is for the trainees to find employment in the partner company on completion of their training. The success rate so far: since 2004 more than 3,400 additional apprenticeships have been created by dint of the BASF Training Association. 78 % of the trainees were offered jobs at the end of their training in 2011 – this is well above the national average.


As a partner company, ACC BEKU GmbH (Ltd) assumes all tasks and responsibilities which any other company that takes on trainees has: providing a young person a good overview of all interdependencies in a company and allowing him or her to work actively in the chosen field. It goes without saying that this includes intensive support with constant personal and professional feedback.


At ACC BEKU GmbH (Ltd) there are two trainees on this programme (as of 10/2011): Jonathan Schweizer has been on the programme since August 2009 and is training to be an industrial clerk (he is the second trainee of this sort, his predecessor is now employed in the company), whereas Daniel Wolf started to train as a chemical lab assistant in August 2011. We, as a company of our size, are very proud to be able to offer two trainees apprenticeships in different areas.