Partnership project with DOW


Dow Wolff Cellulosics (DWC), one of the leading manufacturers of industrial nitrocellulose in Europe with global presence.


The provision of NC-solutions as a safe and efficient solution for customers who need only a small amount of nitrocellulose or who are only authorised to store a small amount or no class 4.1 nitrocellulose. The advantages of NC solution in comparison with NC in its original form:

  • Higher flexibility: standard products and also customised solutions according to customers’ specifications are possible, if desired other raw materials (e.g. additives) can be added
  • Lower amount of raw materials
  • Lower stock
  • Lower safety risk in production as the processing of 4.1 hazardous materials is avoided
  • Lower personnel costs
  • No problems with storage – neither with the existing 4.1 storage licence nor with non-existent 4.1 licence
  • No 4.1 storage licence necessary
  • Lower storage risk (Überlagerung)
  • No just-in-time delivery necessary
  • Lower costs (production, storage insurance, capital commitment, purchasing)


DWC’s highest priority is safety. The prerequisite for this is that the project partner must have not only a very high safety standard on its production site but also a company-wide applied understanding of safety. Furthermore, business should be carried out independently Europe-wide with customers.


Since the first quarter of 2010, ACC BEKU has offered a standard programme of NC solutions and also offers the possibility to implement customised formulations.