We are your specialist for toll manufacturing and contract filling of chemical products

Better availability

True to the motto, “There is always room for improvement”, we are working on making it even easier for you to reach us.

To achieve this, we have arranged for assistance from outside of the company. In addition to your usual company representative, you may have already spoken with one of our friendly new colleagues. You can simply leave a call-back request with them, or you can have them pass on a specific question or general information as to why you are calling. Your messages will be given to your representative directly and immediately so that he or she can return your call.

Give us a call! There is no such thing as “unavailable” when you call ACC BEKU at +49 (6323) 94935-0.

We would appreciate receiving your feedback about this service (vertrieb@acc-beku.de), or let us know if you have further requests or suggestions about how we can make it even easier for you to reach us.


Liquid, high viscosity and flammable
products in batches of
500 – 5,000 kg


Volumes of
10 ml/gr – 1.000 l/kg


  • Trial batches starting
    from 100 kg
  • Production/filling under
  • Production/filling of
    nitro cellulose solutions